What is home?
Palestine across the diaspora


architecture exhibit

This year’s DC Palestinian Film + Arts Festival features a four-day architectural exhibit at the District Architecture Center in Chinatown, operated by AIA|DC. In cooperation with Shared Studios, the exhibit centers on an interactive pop-up Portal with audio-visual technology. 

What is Home? Palestine Across the Diaspora spotlights over a hundred years of Palestinian architecture from historic to contemporary Palestine across the diaspora. Guests will explore the concept of home as an architectural, environmental, communal, and human experience vis-à-vis the Palestinian narrative. 

Over 9.6 million Palestinians worldwide claim heritage to the same place - the same homeland. Palestine is a place physically inaccessible to most Palestinians, yet it remains a communal identifier that unifies a fragmented population in spite of distance and physical barriers. We thank our partners, The Nakba Museum Project DC, for sharing photography for the display. 



Images courtesy of RIWAQ, Sinan Abdelqader, ShamsArd. UNRWA, DAAR

Featured architects and displays include:

RIWAQ on cultural heritage and historical preservation; UNRWA on refugee and emergency response infrastructure; Senan Abdelqader on rebuilding and modernization; Decolonizing Art + Architecture Residency on experimental design as it pertains to the future of the Palestinian state; and ShamsArd Design Studio on environmentalism, landscape and vernacular architecture.


                         OPEN ARCHITECTURE DC

                         OPEN ARCHITECTURE DC