The DCPFAF showcases the diverse and creative work of Palestinian filmmakers across the globe, including those living in all of historic Palestine and in diaspora. Submissions for the 2016 DCPFAF are closed, but take a look at the requirements below and check back in 2017!



  • Documentaries

  • Shorts

  • Animation

  • Experimental works

  • Youth work (created by filmmakers under the age of 18)

  • Other (e.g., experimental)

What are the requirements?

  • The filmmaker (writer/producer/director) must be Palestinian

  • We prefer films made in 2015-2017, but older films are also accepted

  • All foreign language entries must be subtitled in English

  • Films of all lengths are accepted

  • Filmmakers may submit multiple films

How do I submit my work?

We aren’t accepting submissions for the 2017 DCPFAF just yet, but bookmark this page and check back next spring!