Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please read prior to submitting your film to the 2017 DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival.

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When do submissions open and close for the 2017 DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival?
Submissions open at 9am on March 20, 2017 and close at 11:59pm on July 7, 2017

Do I have to be Palestinian to submit a film?
The writer, director, and/or producer must self-identify as Palestinian

What if my film is about Palestine or includes Palestinian actors?
Regardless of film content or the cast demographic, the writer, director, and/or producer must self-identify as Palestinian.

Where do I submit my film?
You can submit your film on FilmFreeway or at

Do you accept physical screeners?
We accept physical screeners on a case-by-case basis. Please email if you have a screener in physical format.

Do you return screening materials?
No, we do not return screening materials.

Am I allowed to submit works-in-progress?
Yes in accordance with the following:

  • Works-in-progress are accepted, but MUST be noted as such on the screene

  • Upon submission, indicate what will change, i.e. sound design, color grade, etc.

  • Final cuts MUST be submitted by 11:59pm EST by September 22, 2017 or films risk disqualification

Can my film be in a foreign language?
Yes but all screeners and final cuts MUST have English subtitles

Is there a limit to how many films I can submit?
There is no limit; you may submit as many works as you’d like.

If I submit multiple films, will I have to pay the entry fee?
Yes. Entry fees are per film and non-refundable.

When will I hear back about my film?
Selection notices will be sent out by August 4, 2017.

My project was not accepted last year. May I submit it this year?
Yes, but only if there are significant changes in the film.

What if my film has copyright or trademarked elements?
Legally, you must clear any copyright or trademarked elements prior to public exhibition (i.e. copyrighted music, photos, stock footage, etc.). It is the sole responsibility of the filmmaker(s) to ensure that copyright and trademark legalities are met. The DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival does not check to ensure copyright and trademark clearances, nor will be held responsible for uncleared materials.

Are there prizes or awards at the festival?
No, films are not in competition.


How much are entry fees?

  • Early Deadline (May 5, 2017): $10

  • Regular Deadline (June 16, 2017): $15

  • Late Deadline (July 7, 2017): $20

  • Student & Youth (18-): FREE (with valid student ID or enrollment verification)

How do I receive free entry as a student or youth?
Students must submit a photocopy of current student ID or enrollment verification to prior to entry. We will then send you a waiver code.

What if I can’t afford the entry fee?
We strive to be as welcoming to filmmakers as possible. If you would like to request a waiver, please contact

Where does the entry fee go?
Entry fees are used to assist in covering costs of the festival where necessary (film screening fees, venue payments, and print materials amongst other costs).


How are films selected for the festival?
The curator(s) and a group of internal volunteer reviewers watch each film, take notes and discuss the films’ merits and where they could fit within the festival.

What criteria merits DC-PFAF selected film?
Our films are selected on three base criteria:

  1. Production Value

  2. Entertainment Value

  3. Creativity

Do you offer feedback for filmmakers?
We do not provide feedback on films due to volume of submissions.

If my film is selected, what exhibition formats do you accept?
Our preferred physical formats are DCPs and Blu-Ray discs.
Our preferred digital formats are Apple ProRes  and MP4 files.

All films MUST have 2-3 backup copies, preferably at least one physical backup and one digital backup (although more are certainly accepted). If your film is accepted, we will provide exhibition specs and deadlines for delivery of your materials.

If you have other questions, please contact