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  • Studio Theatre 1501 14th Street Northwest (map)

A glimpse behind the curtain of music production and memory in Palestine from the early 20th century to the vibrant indie music scene of today.

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FEATURE // A Magical Substance Flows Into Me

by Jumana Manna | 66 min. | 2016

A portrait of Palestinian and Mizrahi (Eastern Jewish) music in and around Jerusalem, in response to the historic radio program Oriental Music Broadcast, by ethnomusicologist Robert Lachmann.

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SHORT // From Beneath the Earth

by Sami Alalul | World Premiere | 21 min. | 2017


In Palestine, music is more than just a creative outlet: it's a social tool that amplifies the voices of marginalized communities to transform the entire narrative of the occupation.

Mideast Tunes has partnered with Ramallah-based production company Breathing Stories to produce From Beneath the Earth, a documentary film that showcases the work and artistic perspectives of Palestinian musicians in their own words. Featuring Maysa Daw (DAM), Saaleek, Shadi Zaqtan, Apo & the Apostles, and Rasha Nahas, From Beneath the Earth amplifies voices rising from the underground to express both the personal and the political, and explores the intersections that exist at the heart of music created by Palestinian artists.

From Beneath the Earth is the first installment of a new Mideast Tunes docuseries that delves into underground music scenes across the region.


SHORT // The Embroidery


by Salsabeel Abdelhamid | DC Premiere | 2 min. | 2017

An exploration of the filmmaker's story intertwined with her grandmother's, where a single cross-stitch represents their intersection.

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