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FILM // Are the Kids Alright?

  • Landmark Atlantic Plumbing Cinema 807 V Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

Four short films all about kids, their world, and navigating big problems: And An Image Was Born by Firas Khoury, Madam El by Laila Abbas, Rupture by Yassmina Karajah, and Ayny - My Second Eye by Ahmad Saleh. Great for a family outing!


SHORT // And an Image Was Born

by Firas Khoury
DC Premiere | 9 min. | 2017

Palestinian two-year-old Razi loves to hear the story of The Monster. The story is an allegory of the Palestinian problem, but he is too young to comprehend the political association. He just wants to imagine and live through its details over and over again. The narrator has his own film in his head.


SHORT // Madam El

by Laila Abbas
DC Premiere | 15 min. | 2017

Nader and Abed roam the mountains and dig caves to look for historical remains. The two boys deliver the pieces they find to an antiques dealer who gives them very little money in return. What they find in one remote cave will challenge their friendship. Things become more complicated when adults force themselves into the simple world of the two boys.


SHORT // Rupture 

by Yassmina Karajah
DC Premiere |
18 min. | 2017

Introducing a cast of first-time actors and survivors of war who channel their personal experiences of loss and new beginnings through a fictional narrative, Rupture follows the journey of four Arab teens on their quest to find the local public pool in their new Canadian city.

SHORT // Ayny - My Second Eye

by Ahmad Saleh
DC Premiere |
11 min. | 2017

A cruel war has taken two brothers' home. Their mother protects them under her arms and fosters the seed of their new life. Anxious her sons could come in danger if they leave the house. But the boys chase their dream to play a music instrument they've fallen in love with. A beautiful oud. They collect scrap metal to earn the money and must find out that their mother's fear was for a good reason. But as strong birds will always fly, the two boys become one to overcome their trauma.