Founded in 2011, the annual DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival (DCPFAF) is a 501c3 nonprofit, volunteer-run enterprise that showcases the work of Palestinian filmmakers and artists around the world to audiences in the Washington DC metro area. 

The stories shared in this festival are not necessarily about Palestine in relation to Israeli occupation and apartheid, nor are they stories necessarily about Palestinians. The aim of the DCPFAF is to reflect the dynamic formation of a transnational identity common to Palestinians and diasporic communities in general. The festival also aims to bring DC's various communities together through art, and using Palestinian filmmakers and artists as an entry point to catalyze invigorating and productive discussions about film and culture.


Our Mission

The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival champions the work of Palestinian artists and filmmakers in Palestine and in diaspora, showcasing the range and complexity of Palestinian identities and narratives.

Our Vision

Our vision for the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival is to bring together the District’s various communities through art, catalyzing productive conversations about film, culture, and diaspora, utilizing the lens of Palestinian artists as an entry point.