2016 festival

In the News:

"This year’s festival stands out not only for its film lineup, but also for the pioneering portal into Gaza using audio and video technology, in collaboration with Mercy Corps and Shared Studios."

Palestine Square DC Palestinian Festival: An Expression of Home and Exile
Al Ahram | إنها حياتك .. وبيتك
Arab America 2016 DC Palestinian Film + Arts Festival
DCist Travel Around The World Of Cinema With 'Tanna' And Israeli And Palestinian Film Festivals
WPFW 89.3 FM | Community Watch & Comment
Palestine SquareSpeed Sisters: Cruising through Life in Occupied Palestine
WPFW 89.3 FM | Shay wa Naa Naa




2015 festival

In the News:

"With each event drawing a unique audience, the future of the DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival looks bright; events like these will continue to expand, complementing cinematic offerings and creating new spaces for conversations about intersections between Palestinian art and local communities."

Washington City PaperThe DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival, Reviewed
Al JazeeraQ&A: 'Middle East's most powerful army chasing 18 cows'
WashingtonianThings to Do in DC This Weekend October 1-4:
Jadaliyya Fifth Annual DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival Runs October 1-4, 2015
American Word Magazine DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival
Arab America DC Palestinian Film & Arts Festival 2015
Free Speech Radio NewsThe Wanted 18 film tells the tale of West Bank cows that became outlaws



2014 festival

In the News:

"The star of the show here is Between Two Lovers, a panel of women artists hosted by Journal of Palestine Studies managing editor Nehad Khader, with two short films to break up the action. The discussion [explored] how Palestinian art has changed over the years and how, specifically, that’s related to women’s rights in the area."

WashingtonianWhat to Do This Weekend: October 2-5
A conversation with Gaza’s ‘boy wonders’ Arab and Tarzan
Washington Report on Middle East AffairsAl-Azza’s Photographs “From These Streets”
Jadaliyya Fourth Annual DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival: October 2-5, 2014

2013 festival

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In the News:

"What is special about DCPFAF is that is has outreach to the Palestinian and Arab community in DC and this means that people who don't follow cinema on a general level or follow film festivals and world cinema, might be reached through DCPFAF." - Annemarie Jacir

Jadaliyya The Pursuit of Heroes in Palestinian Cinema: An Interview with Annemarie Jacir
Jadaliyya Mais Darwazah's "The Dinner"
Washingtonian What to Do This Weekend: September 26 to 29




2012 festival

In the News:

"DCPFAF showcases the work of Palestinian filmmakers and more generally, promotes the richness of Palestinian Arab culture through cinema, music, and other forms of visual arts."

JadaliyyaThe Last Friday Film Review: DC Premiere at DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival
Arab American InstituteFouseyTube at DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival

2011 festival

In the News:

"In the midst of high-profile, abstract political discussions about statehood and peace through negotiations, these films convey Palestinians as a people, and the negotiations of their everyday lives."

JadaliyyaFilm and its Voices: The DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival
JadaliyyaThe DC Palestinian Film and Arts Festival: Showcasing Subjectivity